About Lord Amherst


Lord Amherst Public House is named after Lord Jeffrey Amherst who served as the first Governor General of British North America and was commanding general of the British forces in North America that defeated the French to acquire Canada for England. Amherstburg also owes its name to Lord Jeffrey.


Our Pub is housed at 273 Dalhousie Street, the building dating back almost 200 years. Over these years, the building has served as a Pharmacy, General Store, Soda Shop, China Shop, Furniture store, and now Lord Amherst. Located on the corner of Murray and Dalhousie Street, this building once marked the centre of town and was the place to go to run into friends and neighbours and to get the scoop on what was going on. From Soldiers to Sailors to Rum Runners, this building has seen it all. And we continue the great tradition of this building by bringing locals and travelers together for food and drink and to get the scoop on what’s going on.


Lord Amherst provides old world charm and a cozy, rustic retreat to enjoy a bite to eat and a cold beverage or two with friends.