‘Largest cost of living initiative ever taken by a state government’: Millions of Australians to receive $1,000 donation to help with energy bills

Queenslanders can look forward to a much-needed refund on their energy bills as the government unveils a key cost of living package just months before the next election.

The Miles Labor government announced on Thursday that all households will be eligible for a $1000 credit on their electricity bills, almost doubling the $550 rebate paid this year.

The payments will be applied to household bills from July, meaning most Queenslanders will not pay “a single penny” on their first energy bill of the next financial year.

Many Queenslanders may not need to pay an energy bill from July until 2025.

The measure is expected to exceed $2.5 billion in value and will come from coal royalties.

In a joint statement issued by Premier Steven Miles and Deputy Premier Cameron Dick, the government hailed the package as “the largest cost of living initiative ever taken by a state government”.

Miles said the direct return to homes was a recognition of the growing financial pressures of rising everyday expenses such as mortgage and rent payments.

“I said we would use the budget to alleviate the cost of living, but I have decided it is too urgent to wait that long,” he said.

The huge cash injection comes less than six months before the next election and days after another disastrous poll for the Prime Minister.

A YouGov poll published last week found Labor was heading for a significant defeat, with David Crisafulli’s LNP leading the government 56-44 in the two-party preferred bets.

Lost 'irony' for QLD government amid 'irresponsible' new refund

The result led the prime minister to admit that his party would likely lose the next election.

“We have known for some time that David Crisafulli and the LNP are ahead and more likely to win the next election,” he told reporters at the weekend.

A special appropriation bill will be introduced to advance payment.

State government-funded support of $325 off energy bills for small businesses will also continue.

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that previous rebates had reduced electricity bills by 9.5 per cent, according to the Queensland government statement.

Additionally, the rebates contributed to Queensland’s inflation levels being lower than the national average and energy bills “remaining lower than under the LNP”.

Queensland premier promises energy rebates

Miles said his constituents had told him that inflation and rising spending were their “biggest concern.”

“A lower energy bill puts more money back into the pockets of Queenslanders,” he said.

Deputy Premier and Treasurer Cameron Dick said “every household” would receive help to help Queensland families “make ends meet”.

“Our investment in the people of this state is only possible because the Miles Labor government is collecting its fair share of Queensland coal royalties from multinational mining companies,” Mr Dick said.

Last year, the Queensland government posted a surplus of almost $14 billion which it attributed to a strong labor market and high coal prices.

Mr Dick said the state Labor government was delivering the record rebates “upfront” so a future Liberal government could not “undo” them.

“Instead of owning our assets, the LNP wants us to hurtle into an expensive, privatized and uncertain nuclear future with higher prices and dividends going overseas, rather than back to Queenslanders,” Mr Dick said.