Singapore diplomat suspended amid investigation into allegations he filmed teenager in public toilet in Japan

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) official has been suspended from duty to assist investigations amid allegations that he filmed a teenager in a public toilet in Japan.

“We will cooperate with the Japanese authorities and take necessary measures. We would also be willing to waive diplomatic immunity to facilitate investigations if the alleged facts are confirmed,” the ministry said Thursday night (May 2) in response to CNA questions.

According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a diplomat cannot be arrested.

Japanese media reports said on Thursday that a diplomat working at the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo was questioned by local police after being suspected of filming a 13-year-old student in a public toilet.

The MFA said it became aware of the allegations on Wednesday when contacted by Japanese media. The ministry said the allegations were made against one of its officials who was previously at the Singapore embassy in Tokyo.

“The staff (member) concerned had completed his tour of duty as scheduled and returned to Singapore in mid-April 2024,” he said, adding that the officer did not inform the ministry about the incident until the officer was asked. regarding Wednesday. .

MFA said it expects all its staff to adhere to the “highest standards of conduct” and respect the laws of their host countries.

“From the time of the alleged crime on February 27, 2024 until today, we have not received any information from the Tokyo authorities. The ministry has contacted the relevant authorities for information and will fully investigate the incident,” he added. .