Shadaya flexes with new ride after snubbing Sir Wicknell’s gift

Self-made Alpha: Shadaya snub buys her own Toyota Aqua after snubbing Sir Wicknell

In a bold display of self-sufficiency, popular Zimbabwean social media influencer Shadaya Tawona Knight is basking in the spotlight, having recently acquired wheels of her own: a stylish Toyota Aqua. This comes on the heels of her headline-grabbing decision to reject Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s generous offer of the same model, proclaiming: “I buy my own wheels!”

Self-Made Alpha: Shadaya snubs Sir Wicknell and buys her own Toyota Aqua
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Alpha Male Movements

Shadaya, who proudly wears the badge of anti-feminist and is known for his fiery interpretations of masculinity and gender norms, took to social media to flaunt his latest purchase.

Her followers quickly flooded her feed with reactions, ranging from applause to playful taunts.

Found reactions unleashed

While many fans cheered and called him the ultimate “Alpha,” not everyone was impressed by his choice of vehicle.

Critics, especially among his followers, mocked the influencer.

“Congratulations… but small cars for small men, they are not a real man’s choice,” Millicent Chimanikire joked in a comment that captured the mood of several dissidents.

They argued that the modest Toyota Aqua did not match the large stature of a self-proclaimed alpha male.

Fans gather and rivalry brews

Amid the chatter, some took the opportunity to irritate Sir Wicknell, suggesting that Shadaya’s independence could hurt the flamboyant businessman.

“It’s great that Shadaya bought a car, but Sir Wicknell, the big boss, wanted to buy it voluntarily. It’s the same thing: she could have saved that money for something else, but congratulations,” Peter Obey Vex reflected.

Others, like Tafadzwa Chitifa, praised Shadaya’s move as a victory against material dependence:

“A clear sign that you can still buy yours without becoming the murder queen of the rich.”

The Alpha strikes back

In response to the taunts, Shadaya remained impassive and defended her choice as a statement of self-sufficiency. As the comments came in, including fun compliments like

“Well done our great Prophet, we are proud of you!” by Baba Ayden.

Shadaya’s decision to buy her own car has certainly accelerated her status as a polarizing figure in the social media sphere.

Whether loved or hated, one thing is clear: Shadaya Tawona Knight drives her narrative with the same enthusiasm with which she drives her new Aqua.

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