A businessman allegedly indecently assaulted 12 women during a job interview, court heard

A businessman accused of indecently assaulting a dozen women during job interviews, including at his business, has faced an Adelaide court, which heard there may be more than 70 victims in total.

Solomon Farah, 67, has been charged with four counts of aggravated indecent assault and 10 counts of indecent assault.

Farah was arrested Wednesday night after police allegedly found a silencer and a bullet stored unsafely in his Oakden home, and was also charged with two counts of breaching bail and two counts of failing to comply. about firearms.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court heard Farah had been arrested on February 7 after a victim came forward, alleging the accused had touched her inappropriately during a “trial job interview type situation” at his business, Skin Fit Co on Currie Street in Adelaide’s CBD.

“He rubbed lotion on her, felt her breasts under her shirt and made comments about keeping her breasts bouncy with lotion,” a prosecutor told the court.

Following a search of his phone and property, police allegedly confiscated several firearms and identified up to 78 additional potential victims.

The prosecutor said that after contacting several of the possible victims, a total of 12 women have now come forward and it was “very likely” there were more.

Court documents allege that all of the assaults occurred during job interviews between January 2023 and February 2024.

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Solomon Farah has also been charged with firearms offences.(Supplied: Facebook)

The court heard that Mr Farah had previously been granted bail which included the condition that he must not possess a firearm, ammunition or any part of a firearm.

Andrew Ey, Mr Farah’s defense lawyer, made a special circumstances bail application.

He said Farah was a man of “exemplary character” and “extremely hard-working” and had been finance director of companies such as Cibo and other cafes.

Ey said that the silencer found “cannot be used for shooting” and that Farah had “simply forgotten the moderator on her nightstand.”

A guarantor offered bail of $10,000.

The prosecution opposed any form of bail and said good moderators were prohibited.

“I would say that it was intentionally hidden so that he would not be accused of the crimes that he is now accused of,” the prosecutor said.

A decision will be made next week on whether or not Farah will be granted bail.