Helldivers 2 Devs Adding Arctic-Themed Polar Patriots Warbond in May

Helldivers 2’s next Warbond is coming on May 9 and we have all the details below. On the PlayStation Blog, developer Arrowhead Game Studios revealed the upcoming weapons, side utilities, and cosmetics being added to the game this month, and fans of the winter aesthetic won’t be disappointed.

New weapons include the AR-61 Tenderizer, a high-damage assault rifle with a small magazine; the slow but impactful SMG-72 Pummeler; and the PLAS-101 Purifier, which appears to be some sort of charged energy rifle. The new secondary weapons are also an interesting mix: the G-13 Incendiary Impact, which is an explosive grenade that bathes the area in white phosphorus; the high-damage pistol, the P-113 Verdict; and Motivational Shocks, which electrify your allies, curing them of slowing status effects like insect vomit.

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The armor cosmetics this time are stark and simple, with limited color palettes. They include the CW-36 Winter Warrior, CW-22 Kodiak, and CW-4 Arctic Ranger. As their names imply, these armor sets appear to be designed for winter, and bear some resemblance to the Cold Assault Stormtroopers from the Battle of Hoth, if only in silhouette. Polar Patriots also includes new emotes and three new capes, including the Dissident’s Nightmare, the Pinions of Eternal Glory, and the Order of the Revered Ballot.

In other Helldivers 2 news, Arrowhead recently nerfed some of the game’s best weapons in an update, including the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon stratagem, the Sickle, and the Guard Dog. He also upgraded several of the game’s lesser-used weapons, including the default assault rifle, the AR-19 Liberator.