Trump trial live: Trump lawyer tells witness he’s not here to ‘play’

Somehow, Lindsey Lohan and reality star Tila Tequila have been dragged into the conversation in court today.

Emil Bove asks Keith Davidson about his relationship with TMZ leaking information about Lohan’s time in rehab.

“I don’t remember,” Davidson responds to some of Bove’s questions on the subject.

“Is it fair to say that your memory seems a little hazy on these topics?” says Bove.

“I’ve had over 1,500 clients in my career,” Davidson responds, adding that Bove asks him about issues from many years ago.

The testimonies continue to become tense.

Davidson is frustrated by Bove’s questions and Bove takes issue with his evasive answers.

“We are both lawyers. “I’m not here to play lawyer with you,” Bove says.

“If you’re not here to play legal games, don’t say ‘extract,'” Davidson responds, referring to a moment today when Trump’s lawyer said Davidson was trying to “extract” money.