News: North Atlantic Council statement on recent Russian hybrid activities, 02-May-2024

NATO Allies are deeply concerned by recent malign activities on Allied territory, including those that have resulted in the investigation and indictment of multiple individuals in connection with hostile state activities affecting Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom.

These incidents are part of an increasingly intense campaign of activities that Russia continues to carry out throughout the Euro-Atlantic area, including on Alliance territory and through proxies. This includes sabotage, acts of violence, cyber and electronic interference, disinformation campaigns and other hybrid operations. NATO allies express deep concern about Russia’s hybrid actions, which constitute a threat to allied security.

We support and sympathize with the affected allies. We will act individually and collectively to address these actions and will continue to coordinate closely. We will continue to increase our resilience and apply and improve the tools at our disposal to counter and contest Russian hybrid actions and ensure that the Alliance and Allies are prepared to deter and defend against hybrid actions or attacks.

We condemn Russia’s behavior and call on it to fulfill its international obligations, just as its allies do theirs. Russia’s actions will not deter allies from continuing to support Ukraine.