Bald eagle parents watch 3 babies get rescued from downed tree, Oklahoma video shows

Three bald eaglets have been rescued after a storm destroyed their nest, Oklahoma wildlife officials said.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation found the juvenile eagles on the ground in Jenks next to a downed tree after a storm rolled through the region, according to a department video posted to Facebook on May 1.

“Mom and dad” can be seen sitting in a tree nearby observing the rescue efforts, the video shows.

The eaglets were taken to the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma’s Gray Snow Eagle House – an organization specializing in eagle conservation – for evaluation and rehabilitation, the group said in a May 1 Facebook post.

“We always work hard to get eaglets whose nests have blown out of trees renested and back to their parents,” the group said. “Unfortunately, this location did not have a suitable renesting site especially considering we have more storms coming.”

The eaglets were placed near resident adult eagles at the rehabilitation center and have already “enjoyed a delicious meal of fish,” according to the group.

Wildlife officials said they hope to return the birds to the wild after they’ve learned to fly and hunt.

The ODWC reminded people that “bald eagles are federally protected (and) should not be disturbed,” even in these types of emergencies.

“If you see a downed nest, do not interfere and please call your local game warden and stay clear of the area,” the department said.

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