Four presenters lose part of their legal appeal against the BBC

  • By Noor Nanji
  • cultural reporter

Screenshot, From left to right: Annita McVeigh, Martine Croxall, Karin Giannone and Kasia Madera arriving at the labor court

Four presenters have lost a bid to take legal action against the BBC on equal pay grounds, a judge has ruled.

However, their separate claims, including sex and age discrimination, will go to a full employment tribunal.

A three-week hearing into the claims of Martine Croxall, Annita McVeigh, Karin Giannone and Kasia Madera against the broadcaster will take place in March 2025.

The BBC rejected their complaints and successfully argued that the women had no grounds to make an equal pay claim.

A BBC spokesman said: “We are pleased with the outcome and that the court has accepted our position. We will not be making any further comment at this time.”

The four news anchors attended a two-day preliminary hearing in central London, which concluded on Thursday.

The four presenters alleged that they had not been paid the same as an equivalent male presenter since February 2020.

Screenshot, BBC insists its application process was ‘rigorous and fair’

“The BBC demands a lot of money from you,” Croxall said at Wednesday’s hearing.

On Thursday, the judge ruled that the claim related to equal pay could not proceed because Croxall, McVeigh, Giannone and Madera had previously agreed to equal pay agreements with the Corporation.

The judge’s ruling means equal pay will not be included in next year’s court.

The four news presenters, aged between 48 and 55, have been familiar faces on BBC television channels.

Separately they claim they lost their jobs at the BBC news channel following a “rigged” recruitment exercise.

The BBC insists its application process was “rigorous and fair”.

In court papers, it said: “It is denied that (the BBC) subjected (the presenters) to discrimination, harassment or victimization on the basis of age or sex, or breached the gender equality clause.”