Cork student jailed for attack which included 50 kicks to the face among 250 punches

A student who punched, punched, kicked and stamped on another man 250 times in a 20-minute attack in Cork city center was jailed for four years on Thursday.

Judge Jonathan Dunphy recalled that the video recording played during the trial was so violent that most people in the courtroom were forced to look away from the screens when it was played at the sentencing hearing in Criminal Court. of the Cork Circuit.

Judge Dunphy said it was nothing short of a miracle that the injuries were not life-threatening. Darragh McLoughlin, 22, of 23 Richmond Hill, Cork, was sentenced to six and a half years in prison, with the final two and a half years suspended.

The judge recalled a section of video played in court that lasted just over a minute, using the victim’s own phone that also contained audio of the violence: “He orders him to put his hands down so he can kick him in the unprotected skull. In that I counted 14 kicks to the head.

“You can see him removing some of the injured man’s clothes. “She leaves (momentarily) and returns to continue the aggression.”

Animal behavior

More than 50 of the blows consisted of kicks to the face. “The total number of punches, kicks or kicks amounted to 250,” prosecution lawyer Emmet Boyle said of the 20-minute CCTV period of the incident.

The judge said it appeared to begin with a calm conversation and interaction between the parties before escalating into a brief physical altercation outside the nightclub.

The defendant believed that his phone had been stolen and that there was some history of bad blood between them, as the defendant had been assaulted a year earlier by a group associated with the injured party.

The victim suffered multiple fractures to his right eye socket, fractured nasal bones and was left with double vision and what was described as an ongoing deformity.

Later, when shown CCTV of the attack, the accused accepted he had engaged in animalistic behaviour.

During a 77-second video recording made by the attacker with the victim’s phone, the man on the ground with a bloody face can be heard moaning and a voice saying: “Look at you, you are a disgrace.” The attacker also took off the injured man’s pants and shoes.

Darragh McLoughlin admitted seriously assaulting a man in Paul Street, Cork, on October 18, 2022, as well as stealing his iPhone 7; The entire incident began some distance away, at 1:15 a.m. on that date, in front of the Secret Garden nightclub in Rearden’s. .

Victim Impact Statement

In his victim impact statement, read by Detective Garda Joe Crowley, he said it was without a doubt the worst day of his life and he was still trying to fill in the gaps in his memory of what happened. He still has nightmares and flashbacks.

He was very scared to see the state of his face in the hospital: “I still don’t fully recognize myself.”

He said it affected him mentally and physically from the time he woke up each morning until he went to sleep at night and would affect him every day of his life. He said it had also deeply affected his family.

Lead defense attorney Tom Creed said there was some history between the parties. He said the defendant had been taking antidepressant medication that night following a suicide attempt the night before and that he unfortunately combined alcohol with medication.

Senior counsel said there were extensive character references which painted a different picture of the accused, including one which stated that the accused was consumed by guilt and was deeply remorseful. He presented to the courts compensation of 10,000 euros for the injured party.