Reuben Owen admits he’s ‘been incredibly skint’ and shares ‘expectations’ at Ravenseat

Reuben Owen opened up about his struggles with working life as he admitted he had been ‘skint a lot’ on his new Channel 5 show. The second episode of his program Life in the Dales also saw Reuben discuss his life growing up on Ravenseat farm with his parents Amanda and Clive.

He revealed they had ‘expected’ their children to do ‘plenty of work’ as he showed viewers where his work ethic had come from. As he plans to expand his bigger fleet, Reuben candidly told viewers: “It’s been hard for me to start my own business, it’s been incredibly skint a lot of times.

“We have breakdowns now it costs me five and a bit thousand quid. If that had been when I started that would have been the end of it.

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He added: “It’s not a walk in the park and it still isn’t a walk in the park. But I love doing it.”

He continued: “When I was little we always had to work fairly hard. Dad and mum, you were always expected to do plenty of work.

“I did all the repairs on the farm and I think whatever you learned when you’re younger stays with you for the rest of your life.”

During the show, Reuben ran into problems with a problematic digger and its electrics and taught Sarah how to drive some of the machines in for her driving test.

He also revealed he was planning on taking Sarah and Tom away for a trip to Paris to show his gratitude for all their help in building the business.