Messenger poses as a lawyer and defrauds client of $300 |

Messenger poses as a lawyer and defrauds client of $300

By Tinei Tuhwe

Wesley Tafara Jena (39), suspected of being a fake lawyer, has been brought to court after defrauding an unsuspecting client of $300 under the pretext of being able to offer him legal assistance.

Jena appeared before a Harare magistrate charged with contravening the Legal Practitioners Act.

He allegedly charged Denis Mahachi $500 and was given $300.

Mahachi had hired him to represent his brother Debate, who was locked up for an undisclosed crime.

“Jena claimed to be a lawyer for Jena and associates, while he was simply a courier for the law firm,” the National Prosecuting Authority said in a statement.

The matter came to light after Jena remained in the courtroom raising suspicions.

“When Debate Mahachi appeared for bail application before the said court, the accused remained seated instead of appearing as Mahachi’s lawyer,” it is alleged.

When investigated, Jena failed to present his practicing certificate as a lawyer, which led to his arrest.

No ruling has yet been made on the matter.