Namibia: IPC says Workers’ Day is not a political platform, but calls for voting

In a moment of irony, the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) issued a statement on Workers’ Day (May 1) that the day should not simply be used as a political stage, but in the same statement they urged Namibians to vote for them in the next national elections to defend workers’ rights and social justice.

“Workers’ Day should not be seen simply as a political platform, but as a vital opportunity for true economic and social justice,” said IPC labor affairs department head Rudolf Kahingunga.

He highlighted the serious challenges facing the workforce in Namibia, such as “massive inequality, rampant unemployment, unsafe working conditions and persistent exploitation”, particularly through harmful practices such as downsizing, outsourcing and contract labour. . According to him, these challenges not only undermine the dignity of workers but also threaten the stability and prosperity of the nation.

“An alarming number of our young people face a future marked by crime and vulnerability rather than opportunity and security. Despite our rich lands, Namibia’s wealth remains concentrated in the hands of a few,” said Kahingunga.

He said the IPC’s commitment to addressing these issues was clear and was summed up in its mission to restore opportunities for all Namibians and ensure that every worker is respected, protected and fairly compensated. This commitment extends beyond typical sectors and also focuses on those that are often overlooked, such as agricultural workers, domestic workers and security guards.

With elections on the horizon, Kahingunga took advantage of Workers’ Day to encourage political participation.

“This Workers’ Day, we urge all Namibians to recognize their power. We ask them to exercise their rights not only through their valuable work but also by making their voices heard in the upcoming national elections,” he urged. “Change is not simply a hope; it is achieved through our collective action. Together, let us protect Namibia.”