MIT extends invitation to training to local entrepreneurs

The Minister of Commerce and Industrialization, Lucia Iipumbu, has asked various categories of businessmen to approach her ministry for training that can help their businesses.

Iipumbu extended this invitation during a recent community engagement with informal traders in Moses//Garoeb constituency.

The goal of the meeting was to engage community members and discuss various issues related to business and business development.

During the meeting, the minister also shed more light on various initiatives undertaken by her ministry to support startups.

Iipumbu highlighted that the government, through the Ministry of Commerce, has committed a part of its budget to address the development of various companies.

“Through our equipment assistance program and industrial upgrading and modernization programs, we aim to help existing companies grow through additional capacity,” he added.

The minister said these programs are tailored to specifically address skills shortages, which limit the success of businesses.

“Our commitment is that, together with the electoral office, we will ensure that information about these opportunities is taken advantage of in time so that they can participate properly,” he said.

Furthermore, Iipumbu urged youths to continue capitalizing on multi-faceted skills and innovations to create unique products and services.

“The ministry will soon inaugurate the Startup Center. The Startups Center aims to promote and encourage innovation and a competitive business ecosystem. Through this center we intend to promote job creation and improve productivity,” he stated.

He explained that the project will allow entrepreneurs to foster new ideas to stimulate innovation.

“We believe that combining innovation and digitalization with traditional industries presents new opportunities. In addition, we are committed to promoting trade and investment both within and outside our borders,” the minister added.

The minister also highlighted the Moses
//Garoeb constituency has immense potential in several aspects and he said it is imperative that this potential is harnessed to attract investment and create employment opportunities. Iipumbu also told community members that the ministry remains committed to the Growth at Home mantra to reinforce the importance of accelerating economic growth, reducing income inequality and increasing employment.

“In the execution of our mandate, MIT has other institutions that carry out complementary activities by turning to the ministry. This is done through the Intellectual and Commercial Property Authority for company registration, the Namibia Competition Commission in terms of unfair competition regulations and the Namibia Standards Institution which certifies that all its products and services are suitable for the market,” said the minister.
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Photo: MHE

Caption: Economic growth… Lucia Iipumbu, Minister of Commerce and Industrialization, has reiterated the importance of accelerating economic growth and increasing employment opportunities.

Photo: Festus Hamalwa