Teen catches Sportsbet’s $1 million fish, 10 days of rain to lash state

Keegan couldn’t hold back the tears when presented with the prize.

A teenager working two jobs in the Northern Territory has been brought to tears after he landed the top prize in the territory’s Million Dollar Fish competition.

Dubbed “the world’s most expensive fish”, Keegan Payne, 19, caught the tagged barramundi in the Katherine River early on Sunday morning with his family.

“It means so much, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. It’s crazy,” he said after landing the $1 million prize, sponsored by Sportsbet.

“We’re a big family, there’s eight of us… this is more money than we could ever ask for.”

He has vowed to help his parents with their home loan. What a moment for the “mad-keen” fisherman.

Keegan reeling in the $1 million fish.