Man dubbed ‘best Uber driver’ after unexpected stunt

We can all relate to ordering an Uber and sitting in mutual silence with the driver, maybe exchanging a pleasantry or two. But for one group of women heading home from the theatre, the driver did much more than simply talk to them. By the end of the journey they had dubbed him the “best Uber driver”.

Passenger Lorri Boyle had enjoyed a “girls’ night” with her family when, like any other night out, they ordered an Uber to head back to where they were staying in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, their trip was not what they had expected.

“We got in and he introduced himself and said to make ourselves at home,” she told Yahoo News. “People seemed to think we had booked Rolf specifically but that wasn’t the case, it was literally a regular Uber and then he showed up!”

The women were promptly given a ‘tour’ of the car, which was apparently equipped with everything a passenger could possibly need during a late-night journey home.

“He had water, phone chargers, chewing gum and then popped his overhead compartment and showed us the Tampax and the condoms! It was at this point we knew we weren’t in a normal Uber,” she said.

Lorri admits it took her a moment to get over the shock but the all women quickly got round the driver’s vivacious energy.

“I then noticed he was wearing a mic so I asked if he was gonna sing us a song — I wasn’t expecting him to happily oblige, let alone be that good,” she said. Rolf began a rendition of a well-known song by a Scottish artist and the woman cheered and clapped along, with Lorri catching the entire thing on camera.

“We were all looking at each other in disbelief it was just so funny! It was 100 per cent the best Uber I’ve been in,” she said.

Scottish woman Lorri Boyle (left) said it was the ‘best Uber’ she had been in, with Rolf (right) often thinking of new and interesting ways to entertain passengers. Source: Instagram

None of the women took any of the available items from the Uber but said the experience and Rolf’s company made their night.

“Rolf was just an absolute legend, the singing was brilliant and it gave us all a second wind so that by the time we were dropped off at the apartment we were ready to keep the night going!”

Rolf prides himself on the “one of a kind, unique taxi service” he offers, taking passengers from all over the world to their destinations in Edinburgh, including celebrities and even a playing bagpiper.

“I get quite a lot of Aussie passengers who love it too!” I told Yahoo News.

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