Mayuge residents excited about the cycling race for people with disabilities

There was excitement in Mayuge City as residents, mainly those operating small businesses and shops, took to the streets to enjoy two bicycle racing competitions.

The bicycle racing competitions attracted hundreds of people who gathered on various roads to witness the cyclists participating in the competitions.

The racing competitions were organized by Al-Hassan Promotions Ltd as part of the activities leading up to the Busoga ku Ntiiko concert which attracted local artistes from across Busoga to perform at the Sea-Ville Resort Hotel in Mayuge district on Sunday.

The race was held between two categories that included one among people with disabilities and another that included senior riders, particularly men from various cycling clubs in Busoga.

The Disabled Cycle Race was inaugurated by Third Deputy Prime Minister Rukia Isanga Nakadama at Mayuge Town Hall who also offered Sh200,000 which was distributed among the winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.

The disabled raced on their tricycles from the starting point at Mayuge Health Center IV along the Jinja-Mayuge-Busia road, through Mayuge town hall to Maina shopping center and back in between of howling from the residents and the horsemen who followed them from behind. cheering while holding tree branches.

Abdul from Mayuge Town Council won in the persons with disabilities category, Faisal Batandise, a shoemaker from Mayuge, came second and Girigiri Baliita from Buwaya sub-county came third.

In the senior men’s race, riders raced from Mayuge Health Center IV towards Mayuge Town Roundabout, to Katwe Trade Centre, Bufulubi, Buyemba, Katwe, Musita, Mpungwe and back to Health Center IV by Mayuge.

The race was won by Abdul Maswaliki, 22, followed by Men Kakaire in second position, Farmer Shafiq in third position, Tiff Luganda in fourth and John Odoto in fifth. All winners received cash prizes.

“It was a nice race and the road terrain favored me. I also advise my fellow cyclists to train more to improve their cycling talent,” Maswaliki said.

He added that he started in the eighth position, but managed to chase his teammates all the way to the first position and emerged as the winner of the race.