McDonald’s staff ‘blasted’ after mum’s find inside large coffee cup

A McDonald’s customer has hit out at the fast-food chain after an unexpected discovery inside her coffee cup, with the store manager allegedly ‘blasting’ the staff member responsible after the woman complained.

Perth mum Tayla said she ordered a large iced latte at the Maccas drive-thru this week, but it was only after driving off she discovered a glaring problem with her order.

The mum noticed she was given “an extra cup” with her cold drink, which in Western Australia comes in paper cups, unlike other states and territories which still use clear plastic. It’s understood the “cold drink” cups are bigger than ordinary “hot drink” cups with sizes varying across the country.

When separating the two she discovered she was given a medium-sized iced drink which was hidden inside an empty large cup, making it look like she’d be given a large-sized drink.

In a video on TikTok, the shocked mum called out the unknown store before heading back through the drive-thru to complain. In a follow-up clip, Tayla said she spoke with the store manager at the window and explained her situation.

“I showed her… I took the cup the medium iced drink that I got out of the large iced cup and she was like ‘Oh my God,'” Tayla explained. “She turned around and she absolutely blasted the person who was making the coffee.”

Tayla filmed the encounter but decided against sharing it online, not wanting to out the worker who was named during the altercation

“But she blasted him. She was profusely apologizing to me. She was so embarrassed,” Tayla said of the store manager. “She was so upset and clearly so annoyed at the staff member. He must have just been lazy,” the mum speculated.

Maccas replaced plastic cold drink cups with paper at its WA stores, similar to those used for hot drinks across Australia. However, the sizes are different. Source: TikTok

Tayla said she was given a brand new large iced coffee — the correct size. She also clarified “the cup situation” with people on social media who appeared confused by the sizes

In 2022, McDonald’s replaced the clear plastic iced beverage cups and lids from McCafés across WA with fiber and paper-based cups — similar to the hot coffee cups seen across the rest of the country. The difference however is that they’re white instead of black and the sizes are bigger which is shown in the video.

This means the medium iced drink cup is about the size of a large hot drink cup and is clearly labeled.

Collectively, Tayla’s “coffee cup saga” videos have garnered close to two million views. One person even chosen to be the responsible staff member.

“I was the person,” said someone named Conner. “Horrible mistake, lack of attention but someone stacked medium cups in the large,” he claimed.

“I didn’t realize all you guys would be so invested,” Tayla said.

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