Electronic Arts offers a new update video on “Skate.”

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Electronic Arts released a new developer video this week, providing more details on the skate. and what they have been working on.

Article summary

  • A new developer video reveals information about skateboarding. game and its progress.
  • Saint Vansterdam comes to life with extensive character customization options.
  • skate. Features earned and premium in-game currencies to unlock items.
  • Real-life skate brands like Vans and Girl are integrated into the game.

Electronic Arts and developer Full Circle released a new development video this week for their upcoming game. skate., as they provided a better idea of ​​what they have been working on. Several members of the team sat down to discuss the latest game and how they are bringing the fictional world of Saint Vansterdam to life. Topics discussed include options to create a skater however you see fit and brand partnerships that you’ll see throughout the game as they work with companies that design decks, clothing, and more. Enjoy the video above as we have snippets from his latest blog below.

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Credit: Electronic Arts

Character customization

Five points if you can guess what we’re going to say…we’re working on it! We aim to hit the sweet spot between realism and stylization with our art style and characters. We will give you many tools and options to express yourself and show your personality. Players can customize their character’s clothing, height and body shape, and features as they see fit. Self-expression, accessibility, and inclusivity are key to skating. and we believe that skateboarding is for everyone. You can be who you aspire to be in Saint Vansterdam.

Cosmetic products

There will be a variety of clothing options; tops, pants, hats, glasses, footwear and even socks. From real-world brands to fan favorites like our skeleton set (IYKYK), you’ll be able to create a wardrobe full of variety to highlight your personal style in San Van. And of course, how can we not talk about your board. We’ve got you covered with cover designs, decals, grip tape designs, wheel colors, and more so you can create your own custom setup.

skate. Rewards

You’ll be able to unlock cool new items for your character and board in the in-game store using earned and premium coins. We are committed to ensuring that your time in Saint Vansterdam always feels valued and that you can earn great items, whether you choose to purchase premium currency or not.

Brand associations

From your local skate shops to the streets of San Van, we’ll be bringing some of your favorite brands into the game. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably already seen Vans, Girl, and Chocolate in the game so far. Stay tuned as we reveal more partners on the road to launch.

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