GGML Conducts Free Health Screenings and Identifies Health Issues at OSHA 2024 Expo

ARUSHA:More than 200 people in Arusha benefited from health screenings facilitated by Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) at the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) 2024 exhibition.

Among attendees, several cases of overweight were identified, prompting proactive intervention by GGML occupational health specialist Dr. Cretus Karwani.

Dr Karwani revealed that while no cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection were detected, one participant developed symptoms of chest pain and was immediately referred to Mount Meru Hospital for further evaluation and treatment. .

Comprehensive health assessments were carried out at the GGML ward, covering measurements of weight, height and screening for various ailments, including diabetes, hypertension and HIV/AIDS.

“One individual, a young woman, presented with reduced blood pressure and sugar levels, attributed to irregular meal times.

First aid was administered immediately, accompanied by instructions to consume soup and plenty of water,” said Dr Karwani.

Dr. Karwani emphasized that visitors to the GGML pavilion gained insight into the company’s robust employee health services framework.

Prospective employees undergo rigorous health screenings before starting, ensuring their suitability for their assigned duties.

Additionally, regular health monitoring, including measurements of vital signs and sensory functions, is performed annually to maintain employee well-being.

Continuous monitoring of workplace conditions, including noise levels and exposure to hazardous substances, further protects the health and safety of employees.

Mussa Abdalah, beneficiary of GGML health services, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to access free health screenings and valuable information on health and safety in the workplace.

“These tests are carried out free of charge and we greatly appreciate this service,” said Abdalah, a resident of Moshono in the region.

GGML’s commitment to fostering a culture of health and safety extends beyond its workforce, exemplified by its proactive commitment to the community to promote overall well-being.

Through initiatives like OSHA’s Expo Health Screenings, GGML continues to make significant contributions to improving public health and safety awareness in Arusha and beyond.