PM’s office transfers ‘Dine For Ethiopia’ projects to regional states –

Addis Ababa, May 2, 2024 (Addis Walta) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ initiative today reached a major milestone as projects were transferred to the Amhara, Oromia and Southern Ethiopia regions, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed.

The Prime Minister’s Office also confirmed that a signing ceremony was held for the management and operation agreement of the ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ hostels, which will be operated by Ethiopian Airlines under its renowned Skylight Hotel brand.

The Prime Minister’s Office recalled that three of the four projects (Halala Kella Lodge; Chebera Churchura Elephant Paw Lodge and Wonchi Eco Lodge) have been recently inaugurated, with the completion and inauguration of the Gorgora project in the pipeline.

The ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ initiative, championed by the Prime Minister, aimed to boost tourism, a cornerstone of the national local economic reform programme. These projects rallied public support during the financing stage, created numerous jobs during construction, and spurred extensive infrastructure development. They are symbols of innovative project management and rapid completion. Entrusting its operation and management to the national flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, promises not only better service but also a way to promote international tourism.