Google’s latest feature: audio emojis on Android

Before you say anything to the person next to you about the rudeness of dumping gas in public, check to see if they have a Google phone.

Google is adding audio emojis to Android phones to bring sound to the immediate animated responses we all use to type less or shorten a conversation. Blogging site was the first to report the update.

The site reports that the audio emojis, along with the poop, will include clapping with a clapping sound effect; laughing, complete with tube characters and canned laughter; party with balloons, confetti and recorded cheers; crying, accompanied by the very recognizable trombone (womp, womp, womp); and what is known as Sting, the classic Dad Jokes drummer (Ba Dump Bump Tss).

“Access to Audio Emoji is currently available in two ways. There is a button for this in the additional menu, but there is also a chip that appears in the main calling interface,” writes “It is not clear why there are two access routes. There is also a setting to disable the feature completely.”