Alick Macheso reschedules album release

Sungura King Alick Macheso and Orchestra Mberikwazvo have issued a press release announcing that they have rescheduled the release of their album.

Alick Macheso and Orchestra Mberikwazvo made the decision to adjust the date for the long-awaited album release. Initially scheduled for June 7, the event will now take place on August 2.

Considerations behind the change

In their statement, the singer and his band announced the reason for this movement and assured that he had heard the pleas of his fans. According to the statement, fans complained that June was cold and they wanted to attend the launch in warmer conditions. The statement says:

This decision comes after careful consideration and in response to feedback from our fans. There have been concerns about the weather, as June is a very cold month and having the release in August, with warmer temperatures, allows our fans to fully enjoy this momentous occasion.

The venue, however, remains unchanged, and the event will take place at Alex Sports Club. However, the stadium’s open-air nature makes it less conducive to hosting events during cold June weather.

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Macheso praises August as a month of celebration

Alick Macheso album release
Alick Macheso reschedules album release-Image source@Facebook

In the released statement. Macheso praised the month of August as being renowned for its festive atmosphere, both locally in Zimbabwe and globally. By rescheduling the album release to coincide with this lively month, we aim to enhance the overall experience of our audience, encouraging a more vibrant and joyful celebration.

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Fan reactions to the rescheduling of the Macheso album release

Many of the singer’s fans had mixed reactions in the comments section after the news broke. Some who can’t wait for the singer’s new album showed their disappointment at having to wait two more months. Others, however, applauded the decision and applauded the singer for being thoughtful in making a decision for his fans.

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