Actor Lee Seo Han’s second apology for alleged illegal video only adds fuel to the fire

Netizens are even more furious.

Recently, actor Lee Seo Han posted a supposedly illegally filmed video on his social media and it gained a lot of attention after fans realized it was taken by the singer. Bang YedamThe music studio.

After the avalanche of comments demanding an explanation, Lee Seo Han posted an apology, stating that it was a joke between friends.

The video they uploaded yesterday was a joke between men. I feel sorry for Yedam and her fans because it was filmed in her studio. I hope people stop guessing and misunderstanding the video in the future. I feel sorry for those who were affected after watching it. I will be more careful.

– Lee Seo Han

However, he was criticized for his brief apology and posted a second, longer apology on his instagram.

| eeseohan/instagram

“My explanation, which was kept brief out of fear and feeling of apology, seems to have become controversial, so I am gathering the courage to post again.

My close friends and I like to visit Yedam’s studio and listen to music, watch movies and drink together. Yesterday five of us got together and drank, and a drunk friend and Yedam went home after midnight.

The remaining friends and I drank some more and accidentally posted a prepared video that is common these days on my public account instead of my private one. It is not an illegally filmed video of any kind.

I sincerely apologize for my immature behavior as someone who dreams of becoming an actor. I apologize to those who felt uncomfortable with the video and to the fans who support me. I will act carefully in the future. I apologize once again.”

– Lee Seo Han

More recently, Bang Yedam also posted an apology on his social media.

| @bangyedam_0257/instagram

I am very sorry to have caused concern.

—Bang Yedam

However, Lee’s additional apology sparked even more fire among netizens.

Comments from Internet users | theqoo
  • “A staged video that’s common these days?”
  • “What do you mean by a prepared situation that is common? Is illegal filming common?
  • “His explanation is a bit… he’s probably going to take legal action now.”
  • “Wow, I’m curious what the video is now.”
  • “So he probably posted things like this on his private account? This is more shocking.”
  • “What do you mean this is common nowadays? Are you crazy?”
  • “The news article says the video was of a man and a woman… how is this a joke between men? So, is it a man dressed as a woman?
  • “What do you mean it’s not illegal? Don’t you understand what it means to film illegally? Do you think illegal filming is a joke?

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