NYPD officer ‘accidentally’ shot during raid on Columbia anti-Israel protesters inside Hamilton Hall


An NYPD officer accidentally fired his gun while storming Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall on Tuesday night during the operation to clear out anti-Israel protesters who illegally took over the building, according to law enforcement sources.

The officer did not appear to point the gun at anyone and no one was injured, said Douglas Cohen, a spokesman for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

Wild body camera footage showed the melee that ensued after New York police raided Columbia and arrested hundreds of anti-Israel protesters.
Wild body camera footage showed the melee that ensued after New York police raided Columbia and arrested hundreds of anti-Israel protesters. New York City Police Department

Sources told The Post it was likely an accidental discharge.

The District Attorney’s Police Accountability Unit is investigating the shooting, Cohen said: “It is our policy to review these types of incidents.”

The police officer fired the weapon as more than 100 Emergency Services Unit officers invaded the Ivy League building on April 30 to expel the approximately 50 protesters who stormed inside the previous night.

The NYPD prevented journalists from getting too close to the break-up, instead relegating them to a nearby area where they witnessed the suspects being carried out in zip-cuff handcuffs and loaded onto departmental buses.

In body camera footage of the raid released by the NYPD on Tuesday, several officers can be seen drawing their firearms after breaking down a barricaded door and sweeping one of the rooms.

Columbia University Anti-Semitism Controversy: Key Events

  • More than 280 anti-Israel protesters were handcuffed on the Columbia and New York City campuses overnight in a “massive” NYPD operation.
  • One hundred and nine people were arrested on the Ivy League campus after police responded to Columbia’s request to help remove a destructive mob that had illegally taken over the Hamilton Hall academic building Tuesday night, the mayor said. of New York, Eric Adams, and the police.
  • Hizzoner blamed the chaos on campus on insurgents who have a “history of escalating situations and trying to create chaos” rather than peacefully protesting.
  • Embattled Columbia President Minouche Shafik, who has faced growing calls to resign for not cracking down sooner, issued a statement Wednesday saying the violence on campus had “brought the university to the brink.”
  • Columbia University President Minouche Shafik was accused of “gross negligence” while testifying before Congress. Shafik refused to say whether the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is anti-Semitic.
  • More than 100 Columbia professors signed a letter defending students who support Hamas “military action.”

They were also seen deploying stun grenades after breaking through one of several sets of barricades, which consist of a mountain of chairs and tables linked by a chained metal fence.

The videos show minimal physical contact, other than when an officer shoved a masked rioter with what appeared to be a makeshift shield taped to his arm.

“Leave it, you’ll get hurt,” the police officer said, as he pushed the protester to the ground.

A total of 109 people were arrested during the Tuesday night operation, which also included the final clearing of the camp on the campus lawn, starting a nationwide trend at other elite universities since its construction in mid-April. .

Those inside Hamilton Hall were charged with robbery, burglary and criminal mischief.

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