Otieno, head of the shipyard, appointed new commander of the Navy

Major General Paul Oduor Otieno will now be the new commander of the Kenya Navy after serving as the shipbuilding parastatal’s inaugural CEO from 2021.

In the Navy, he succeeds Major General Thomas Ng’ang’a, who has been moved to the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance at the Kenya National Defense University.

Ng’ang’a had barely settled into the role of Navy commander, having taken over as chief in mid-March when he replaced Lieutenant General Jimson Mutai, who was appointed vice-chancellor of the National Defense University.

Until his appointment as Commander of the Kenya Navy, Major General Otieno was the Managing Director of Kenya Shipyards Limited. Former President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed him to that position on May 31, 2021.

The state corporation is a parastatal limited liability company, dependent on the Ministry of Defense, created by Executive Order of August 14, 2020.

He served as head of shipbuilding cooperation despite a vigorous lobby fight to remove him, questioning the integrity of his appointment process at the time.

In 2022, the Justice and Human Rights Commission went to court seeking orders preventing him from carrying out his director-general duties pending the determination of the case.

In his affidavit, CJHR CEO Julius Ogogoh stated that the appointment was not published and no shortlist was made, meaning it was hand-picked.

KSL’s primary objective is to build, repair and service vessels, including Kenya Navy ships and vessels.

A secondary objective is to carry out the same function for the Kenyan and regional private sector, the tertiary is to build, repair and service ships and vessels for regional governments.