Emma Lovell’s family ‘face life in prison’, but her teenage killer does not

a teenager who murdered A woman during a home invasion could be sentenced to 10 years in prison unless the judge determines the crime is “particularly heinous.”
The 18-year-old and another teenager were charged after Emma Lovell was fatally stabbed at her home north of brisbane in 2022.

Police alleged the two boys, then aged 17, broke into a North Lakes home north of Brisbane and attacked Lovell and her husband Lee about 11.30pm on Boxing Day.

Emma Lovell died after being stabbed in a home invasion.  Her husband Lee was also injured.
Emma Lovell died after being stabbed in a home invasion. Her husband Lee was also injured. (Supplied)

The mother-of-two died after being stabbed in the chest while her husband was treated in hospital for a knife wound.

The teenager faced the Brisbane Supreme Court today for Judge Tom Sullivan to hear submissions from the prosecution and defense on the sentence he should impose.

The teen pleaded guilty in March to murder and burglary offenses related to the home invasion.

Judge Sullivan said he would reserve his ruling on sentencing until next week.

Crown prosecutor David Nardone said he was previously wrong to say the teenager faced a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Judge Sullivan said previous cases demonstrated a lower sentence for youth offenders convicted of murder.

“It’s 10 years unless it’s found to be a particularly heinous crime, which takes it to 14 years,” Judge Sullivan said.

Lovell and her children were present in court and watched as the prosecution played security camera footage of the home invasion.

Lovell told the court he was doing his best to raise his children after losing his wife of 22 years.

Emma Lovell with her husband Lee, who told the court he felt “lost” without her. (A current matter)

“I feel so lost without her… It was very difficult to return home. My daughter was afraid that they would come back.”

Lovell said his family now faced life in prison, while the person who murdered his wife did not.

Nardone said the teen had committed a premeditated crime and stabbed Lovell with such force that the blade of the knife broke.

“He has broken into premises or homes on 16 occasions… this was the first time he entered a home armed and knew the risks… he raised the risk of harm,” Nardone said.

Security camera footage was played showing the teenager trying the front door and finding it open before entering ahead of his accomplice.

Shortly afterwards, the teenager becomes involved in a physical altercation with Mr and Mrs Lovell while holding a knife.

Another camera showed the teens running down the street as the Lovells collapsed in the driveway.

The Lovell family left court as graphic audio of the home invasion was played.

The couple’s two teenage children were also sleeping in the house when the accomplices broke in.

A barking dog alerted the couple and they attempted to push the two intruders out of the house.

The teenager stabbed Mrs Lovell in the heart and Mr Lovell in the back, before kicking him several times in the head.

The teen’s defense attorney, Scott Lynch, will also make submissions today.