Two government officials were reportedly killed

Northern Ethiopia _ government officials _ Lalibela
Getachew Melese (left) and Million Afework (right) (Photo: PD)


toronto – Two government officials are reported to have been killed in an ambush in northern Ethiopia after armed groups operating in the area opened fire. The officials were killed while returning to Lalibela, Lasta district headquarters, in the North Wollo area of ​​the Amhara region, a source close to the district administration confirmed.

A BBC Amharic report published on Wednesday said Getachew Melse, head of Lasta district, and Million Afework, head of the district health office, were killed. The source confirmed the news to residents of the area.

The incident occurred on Tuesday near a place near Kulmeskf, near the city of Lalibela, where 12th century rock-cut churches are located. The officials were at Wolida, headquarters of the North Wollo administration, where they were attending a meeting.

Other members of the Lasta district administration are said to have been on board. Another individual, whose name has not been released, was killed and two others were injured.

Families of the slain officials are being informed and residents told the BBC in Amharic that they had seen people crying at the district administrator’s residence in Lalibela.

Other government officials traveling to Lalibela had to return and reportedly spent the night in Kulmesk.

BBC Amharic also cited sources in the area that Getachew Melse will be buried in Genete Mariam, his birthplace. Million Afework will be buried in Lalibela, but the bodies were not brought to Lalibela at the time of writing.

There is no clear information about who is behind the murder. BBC Amharic sources working in the district administration indicated that Getachew Melse often received death threats and that a member of his family was kidnapped at one point.

From other Ethiopian news sources, Fano forces operating in Wollo on Tuesday published a notice saying that the Ethiopian government is involved in criminal activities on behalf of Fano. East Amhara Fano uniforms are reportedly used for criminal activities by groups deployed by the government, Wollo Fano alleges.

There have been reports of heavy fighting over the past three days in North Wollo – among other parts of the area – between government forces and Fano forces.


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