Trump Hush Money Trial: Stormy Daniels’ Former Lawyer Recounts Election Day 2016: ‘What Have We Done?’

Keith Davidson, who represented Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, returned to the stand Thursday in Donald Trump’s hush money trial. Continuing his testimony, the Los Angeles attorney recounted Election Day 2016 during questioning by prosecutor Joshua Steinglass. Davidson detailed the silence agreement for Daniels in conversations with Michael Cohen, revealing how Daniels agreed to remain silent in exchange for $130,000.

Stormy Daniel’s Ex-Attorney Takes the Stand in Hush Money Trial

Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer takes the stand again in Donald Trump’s secret money criminal trial (AP)

At the time of the indictment, Davidson testified about losing trust in Cohen after “financing delays” following the Daniels deal. She revealed how the agreement included a $1 million fine in case of non-compliance. It was also revealed that the pseudonyms Daniels and Trump were used in the confidential agreement. However, the former president never signed the documentation, according to CBS News.

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Davidson then went on to describe the events shortly before and after November 18, 2016, when Trump achieved his presidential victory. Jurors saw a screenshot of text messages between Davidson and Dylan Howard, the editor of the National Enquirer, in which the former wrote: “What have we done?” while Howard responded with “OMG.”

“This was kind of dark humor. “It was understood that our activities in some way could have helped Donald Trump’s presidential campaign,” Davidson testified. She further noted how Cohen, who was “disheartened” and “depressed” in the days after the election, called him frequently.

“It was a long call, and he told me that he was depressed and down and he said that I… and he used some very colorful language about that time in his life,” Davidson recalled. He further explained that Cohen admitted that Trump never paid him and that he would never be reimbursed for the $130,000 payment he made to Daniels to keep him quiet.

When Steinglass asked if he could cite the “colorful language” used by Cohen, Davidson said: “He said something like, ‘Jesus Christ, can you believe I’m not going to Washington after all?’ Did I do it for that damn guy?’” “I can’t believe I’m not going to Washington. I’ve saved that guy’s ass so many times you don’t even know it,” he added.