Man Drives Towards Crowd at PSU and Sprays Protesters

A man drove through a crowd of protesters at Portland State University in Oregon on Thursday, May 2, before spraying people in the crowd and running away.

Christopher Landis said he filmed this video showing the car driving towards the crowd of protesters on Thursday.

A man in the background yells “get away from the car” in an attempt to warn the protesters.

Another man approaches the car and is sprayed.

“The driver exit(s) the vehicle and flees carrying a can of bear mace, spraying multiple people while he runs away,” Landis told Storyful.

The Portland Police Bureau said they located the driver who stopped near the crowd and “sprayed some kind of pepper spray.”

“The adult male was transported to a local hospital on a police mental health hold.” Credit: Christopher Landis via Storyful

Video transcript

I, hey, get away from the car.Good.Um, fine, can I do for you?I two, hey, get away from the car.What?Right.Check out here.