Find out why ice is now more expensive than bread and milk in this African country

According to a BBC report, unprecedented heat waves have caused the prices of ice cubes to rise, surpassing those of bread and milk in certain regions of Mali.

Residents report that in some areas a small bag of ice costs up to 100 CFA francs ($0.20; £0.16), with prices even reaching 300 or 500 CFA francs.

This price increase makes ice more expensive than bread: a typical baguette usually costs around 250 CFA.

The problems began almost a year ago, when Mali’s state power company was struggling to keep up with growing demand, having racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in debt in recent years.

Residents are reporting night temperatures soaring to 46°C and a lack of cooling options is affecting people’s health.

In the capital, Bamako, the Gabriel-Touré hospital recorded 102 deaths in the first four days of April, almost equaling the total for the entire month of last year. Older and younger people continue to be the most vulnerable groups: more than half of those who died are over 60 years old.

The scorching heat wave is also affecting neighboring countries such as Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger and Chad.

With temperatures expected to remain above 40°C in Bamako for the next few weeks, residents are trying to adapt to their altered reality.