Labor wins Thurrock

Image source, Matt Knight/BBC

Screenshot, Labor celebrates taking control in Thurrock, where Purfleet recount took place

  • Author, Raquel McMenemy
  • Role, BBC News, Essex

Labor has taken control of Thurrock Council amid a night of mixed results across Essex.

Seventeen of its 49 seats were up for election and the Conservatives lost 10 seats, while Labor gained eight and independent candidates won two.

In harlowthe Conservatives managed a majority of just one seat over Labor to retain control.

Image source, Matt Knight/BBC

Screenshot, Jackie Doyle-Price said the Thurrock results were probably a reflection of the national mood.

He told the BBC the result was “disappointing” and felt it reflected the national mood.

“It’s very clear to me that some of our voters preferred to stay home rather than go to the polls today,” he said.

He said the party would need to “up our game” before the general election to encourage traditional Conservative voters to turn out.

Image source, Simon Dedman/BBC

Screenshot, The result in Harlow came down to the wire with just one seat deciding the result

In harlowAll 33 seats were up for grabs on Thursday with the Conservatives winning 17 and Labor winning 16.

Labor gained five seats from the Conservatives, but had high hopes of taking control.

In the end, the final seat was won by only 55 votes.

Turnout was 28.33%, slightly higher than last year’s 25.19%.

Image source, Harrison Cable/BBC

Screenshot, No party is in control in Rochford, but the Conservatives have lost seats.

Rochford District Council no party is in overall control, and the Conservatives lost five seats to the Liberal Democrat and independent candidates.

A third of the council, led by a coalition of Liberal Democrats, Greens and independents, was up for election.

There were two recounts in the Foulness & Wakerings ward, where the Conservatives lost by just 14 votes to an independent.

Image source, Deborah McGurran

Screenshot, Labor celebrates taking seat in Southend-on Sea

Southend-on-Sea Town Hall remains without overall control, as votes were cast for 17 of its 51.

Labor is now the largest party with 20 seats to the Conservatives’ 18, and Labor will seek partnerships so it can take over management of the council.

The Conservatives lost three seats to Labor and one to the Liberal Democrats.

The Green Party also took a seat from the Liberal Democrats.

It was run by the Conservatives as a minority administration.

Participation increased marginally from 30.47% in 2023 to 30.74%.

In Colchester Town HallNo party has taken control, however Labor gained one seat from the Liberal Democrats, who had been running the council as a minority administration.

The Liberal Democrats also took a seat from an independent.

Voter turnout decreased marginally in Colchester from 31.12% in 2023 to 30.31% this year.

The results of four other councils are expected later:

  • Basildon District Council
  • Brentwood Town Hall
  • Castle Point Town Hall
  • Epping Forest District Council