‘Parents demand 65% of salary’ sparks online debate, netizens say it’s ‘unreasonable, learn to say NO’

A Redditor sparked an online debate after posting that his parents are asking for 65% of his salary.

In a post on Reddit, the user wrote: “Hello redditors, I am from a middle class family. My father earns 60,000 a month and he had 20 lakhs in cash and 20 lakhs in land. My mother is a housewife and my (elder) sister, who studied well, is unemployed at the moment. “My parents raised me and my sister equally.”

Screenshot of the Reddit post.

He noted, “I am working in IT since September 2023 in NCR and I earn 80,000 per month. I wanted to thank my parents by giving me my first salary and I gave them 50 thousand rupees. Since then my parents demand 50,000 rupees a month from me. “I couldn’t say no because I was raised, but I couldn’t make ends meet and I had no savings as of now.”

After sharing his story and revealing that his parents were taking 65% of his salary to save for his older sister’s wedding, the Redditor’s ordeal sparked a discussion among netizens on the platform. The news has received 1.3 thousand votes in favor and 511 comments at the time of writing this article.

In response to the post, netizens suggested making “tax-saving” decisions, while others said “learn to say No.”

Online users responded to the query on Reddit.

One user, tekasM, wrote: “Your sister doesn’t eat your salary, brother, your parents do. You shouldn’t let them control you. “You will despise them in the future, which is not healthy for you or your parents.”

One user suggested, “Start with a recurring deposit, 1 SIP mutual fund, 1 ELSS tax gain, x amount in your PPF and your monthly life insurance installment. Decide how much amount you need each month 1. for yourself 2. For family expenses 3. Contribution for your sister’s wedding (as a gesture of affection). Your liability does not exceed this amount. Any money left after deducting this amount must be invested directly.”

Many people took to the comments section of the post to share their reactions.

Another user wrote: “You are stuck in a traditional family setup where all income goes to the entire family and the father is the patriarch who controls everything. You are not independent and will not have any significant wealth of your own. It’s all for the family. I guess you’re all under the same roof too, right? If you don’t like it, you should become independent and leave.”

One user wrote: “No need to gradually decrease the amount (edit). Start health insurance, elss and emi payments. The remaining money would be a fraction of his salary.”

Another said: “What a crybaby. Just don’t do it, what’s the problem here? “They’re asking for it because they probably know you’re still a baby bitch who can’t say no.”

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