Video captures alleged aggression by ‘troublemaker’ teenagers

A Christchurch retail worker described how a group of “rowdy” teenagers allegedly attacked him inside the store on Saturday.

Fitness New Zealand part-time worker Danny de Hek said the youths, who are known to other staff and businesses on Papanui Rd, often try to damage shop signs.

De Hek said he went outside around 10 a.m. to tell the teens to stop vandalizing his property, and one of them pushed him.

The three young men left the area but returned that same day. They entered the store and De Hek began to film them so he could transfer them.

One of the boys tried to take the phone out of De Hek’s hand and broke his glasses.

A second boy, who can be seen entering the store in the security camera footage, then punched and kicked De Hek, while a third boy waited outside.

“They just hit me without warning,” De Hek said.

“And I thought ‘wow’. And I thought he’s just a kid and you give them the benefit of the doubt, but this got serious.”

“And then his partner came in… he was dressed in black with a balaclava and he had his hands down.

“I didn’t want to lose eye contact with him because I didn’t know if he had a knife or something.

“And then he told me not to mess with his friend who had just hit me, and then he hit me too.”

The video of the incident went viral on social media and garnered 1.3 million views in one day. De Hek said he has received a lot of positive feedback and support.

His attacker later contacted him and asked him to remove the video from social media, but he refused.

“When I was talking to him, I asked him ‘can I talk to your mother?’

“And unfortunately, he said he has no control over his 14-year-old son.

“They broke my glasses and they have not offered to pay for them, they have not even offered to apologize for what happened.

“He was more concerned about getting the video out to save his skin.”

A police spokesperson said they are investigating the incident.

“Since the assault, police have identified the youths involved and investigations are ongoing,” the spokesperson said.

– By Geoff Sloan, produced with support from NZ On Air