Election fact-checking begins now

IMAGE: Namibia Fact Check

Questionable claims and statements are already beginning to dominate as political rhetoric increases ahead of this year’s elections.

April 2024 has been marked by political parties and politicians seeking to generate an impact in the parliamentary and presidential elections of November 27, 2024, which will begin their campaign.

And the panorama of electoral information is already contaminated with all kinds of falsehoods and propaganda being pronounced and aired.

Starting May 1, 2024, Namibia Fact Check will dedicate resources to monitoring and coverage What is happening in the panorama of the electoral campaign regarding the statements and claims that are made..

Namibia Fact CheckCoverage will include Potential pre-discreditation claims. what would be done or could be done, debunk claims and statements by politicians and other people involved in electoral campaigns, analyzing electoral manifestosproviding verified and credible information related to the elections, social media monitoring and monitoring media coverage of electoral campaigns.

To distinguish our election coverage from our normal fact-checking, we have developed and will use electoral coverage brandwhich includes a coverage logo and graphics to be used in election-related articles and images.

Our election coverage logo It looks like this:

Some of the graphic illustrations that we will use to distinguish our electoral coverage are the following:

Along with these coverage elements, we will use the following hashtag on social media: #NamibiaElections2024.

With our election-related coverage Namibia Fact Check aims to help ensure that Disinformation and political disinformation related to the elections do not become determinants of the results of the November elections. Election-related misinformation and disinformation have been shown to influence voting choices and undermine democracy worldwide.

With just seven months to go until the parliamentary and presidential elections on November 27, Namibians are reminded that Facts matter in politics and public policy. and they are warned to be critical of what they may find on social media.

At the same time, we urge Namibians do not share information, publications or content that has not been verified.