Concertgoers ‘really frustrated’ as Co-op Live events canceled and moved

Concertgoers were left “really frustrated” after events at Co-op Live in Manchester were canceled or moved elsewhere at the last minute after the new stadium suffered technical problems.

Olivia Rodrigo’s sold-out concerts have been cancelled, while Take That announced they will move their May shows from Co-op Live to the AO Arena in Manchester.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie concert was postponed just over an hour before the rapper was due to perform and will now take place at the AO Arena, while shows by Peter Kay, The Black Keys and Keane were also affected.

I think they overdid it and it wasn’t ready to open.

Maureen Mills

Simon Waite, 51, told the PA news agency he was “really frustrated” that Keane’s concert on Sunday would not go ahead as his carer had booked time off work and he had paid for a hotel and a kennel for your dog.

Mr Waite said: “As I am a disabled person, I go with my friend who is my carer, so when we go somewhere we have to plan it so that she is not working or can have the day off as a holiday, so she can get lost. .

“I have paid for our hotel well in advance, as concert tickets sell out very quickly, so you can book your hotel before the prices go up.

“Plus, I have a dog and I have to make sure he has a place to spend the night and I don’t get my kennel money back.

“I am very angry, frustrated and disappointed by the entire Co-op Live experience.

“I will never forget the beginning of this place, I already see it contaminated.”

Maureen Mills, 68, from Southport, was due to see Take That perform next Tuesday at Co-op Live and told PA she was “quite frustrated seeing what was happening”.

Mills, a retired marine insurance consultant, said: “They should never have tried to open it so soon, because obviously there are important things that need to be resolved.”

She said it was “brilliant” that Take That chose to hold their concert at a different venue on the same date, but “I shouldn’t have let Take That do it”.

“It’s not fair to the fans who are waiting to go to this supposedly beautiful new stadium,” he said.

“I think they overdid it and I wasn’t ready to open. They should have recognized him.

“There must have been a moment where they realized this just wasn’t going to happen, rather than letting it go as far as it did.”

The new music venue, which has postponed its opening numerous times, said it will take “a brief pause in events” before welcoming the public to the stadium starting May 14.

A statement from Co-op Live said this is to “fully ensure the safety of fans and performers” and allow for an “independent inspection of all elements of the arena roof” following an issue with heating, ventilation and air. conditioning (Air conditioning system.