The cabinet warns that Cyclone Hidaya could hit the coast amid heavy rains

The cabinet warned that Cyclone Hidaya could hit the coastal region if rains persist.

“The coastal region is likely to experience Cyclone Hidaya, which will bring heavy rain and large waves,” the Cabinet said.

The Cabinet further said that Hidaya will be accompanied by strong winds that could affect marine activities in the Indian Ocean.

Thunderstorms and showers in flocks are expected during this period.

There will also be storms.

At least 188 people have lost their lives due to the heavy rains that hit the country.

The Home Office said nine deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

So far, 90 people are registered as missing and 125 people have been injured.

The number of displaced households is 33,100, affecting approximately 165,500 people.

In total, at least 196,296 people have been affected by the heavy rains.

The Meteorological Department had said Kenya would still receive more rain in the coming weeks.