The Ministry of Health begins a headcount to eliminate ghost workers

“What we discovered when this exercise started is that we have agents who are on our payroll but who work in an NGO, we pay someone who gets paid elsewhere, but we shoulder the burden,” Kimtai revealed.

“There is an official covering for him because he is doing his job, so we discussed this at the senior management meeting and it was agreed that we would do a recount,” Kimtai said.

PS Kimtai emphasized the need to align personnel assignments with the newly established framework, highlighting the importance of technical officers to departmental operations.

The PS expressed concern that of the 1,000 workers in its management, some are rarely seen and others are forced to do double work.

“Some people are overworked, while others earn wages and do what they do wherever they are,” he said.

The staffing includes staff in the counties, with a directive for those on strike to report to their workstations and present the necessary paperwork.

He called on the striking doctors to submit their documents during the exercise, noting that those who fail to do so will be subject to action against them.