Omurari’s Komeheke will be buried tomorrow: the truth, for its own sake.

Zebaldt Ngaruka

Sagarias Heravi Komeheke will be buried tomorrow in his hometown, Toasis, in the Omaheke region.

Coincidentally, he will be buried on April 4, the same day he was born 52 years ago. He died Thursday night after a long illness.

Members of Omurari’s staff have since paid tribute to one of their own. Komeheke joined NBC’s Omurari FM radio as a freelance host in 2016.

Acting station manager Richard Kariko described the late Komeheke as committed, dedicated and hard-working.

“It is a great loss not only for his family, but for the community, since he was a man of the people. We are very moved by his death. He left a huge void in our hearts and the Omaheke region will miss his presence,” he stated.

Kariko added that Komeheke, popularly known as Heravi, had a good sense of humor and was a friend to everyone he met.

“His contribution was immense. He helped Omurari radio by covering all stories, especially those relating to rural development. Komeheke knew where to get news and was greatly respected by Omaheke regional leaders,” Kariko continued.

He added: “We are saddened by his passing and he will always be in our memories. It is very difficult to accept his departure, but who are we to judge the will of the Almighty?

For his part, Omurari producer Tjizo Tjaveondja will remember Komeheke for his tireless efforts in hunting and producing news for the community.

“He had the special characteristic of going the extra mile to gather news, especially breaking news. These are some of the characteristics of good journalism, despite being a hard-working person,” said Tjaveondja.

New era He also met with Yvonne Tuerijama, responsible for sports and youth program coverage at Omurari. She was left speechless.

“It’s very painful. I lost a friend, a person who was able to make a story out of nothing and a dedicated human being. He will always go the extra mile and look for stories even on foot,” he recalled.

Another Omurari producer, Roreeko Humu, described Komeheke as a loving man who made many smile at work.

“He will crack jokes, love his job and be a friend to all of us. His presence will be greatly missed and his contribution to Omurari is evident. Komeheke fit in everywhere,” Humu recalled.

Former Omurari director Marina Matundu described Komeheke’s passing as a great loss for both the family and NBC.

“He was a proactive person, uneducated but talented. Komeheke was multi-tasking in terms of reporting and going deeper into the community,” Matundu said.

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