Parliament presents new license plates

Noreen Sitali

Namibia’s two Houses of Parliament, the National Assembly and the National Council, jointly launched their vehicle registration plates on Tuesday.

The President of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi, highlighted that this change not only aligns the institution with other key bodies of the State, but also reflects the parliament’s commitment to modernization and efficiency.

“By adopting these standardized registration marks, we streamline identification processes and reinforce our dedication to transparency and accountability in our operations,” he said during the dedication ceremony.

Furthermore, Katjavivi noted that the initiative harmonizes with the institution’s strategic vision for the establishment of a Parliamentary Service Commission through the change agenda for both the National Assembly and the National Council.

“This further enhances the professionalism and effectiveness of our legislative functions. It underlines our continued efforts to adapt to changing needs and best practices, ensuring that we continue to respond to our oversight mandate,” she emphasized.

The parliamentary fleet will be easily identifiable by a green registration plate that will display the abbreviations LNA for National Legislative Assembly and LNC for National Legislative Council.

This initiative, similar to that of other State bodies, is a commendable gesture that not only distinguishes the legislative vehicles, but also underlines the importance of the separation of powers between the three State bodies.

As the legislative branch of the State, Parliament has the exclusive responsibility of supervising the activities of the Executive. With the introduction of these distinctive number plates, the public will now be able to easily identify vehicles belonging to Parliament.

Only official vehicles of both Houses of Parliament will carry these unique license plates. This is one of the ongoing reforms undertaken by Parliament in its effort to establish an independent Parliamentary Service Commission.

*Noreen Sitali works in the National Assembly under the directorate of Research, Information, Publications and Editorial Services.