Athletics: Meet the fastest man in Africa, Ferdinand Omanyala

Ferdinand Omanyala: “I work hard to make more history”

Omanyala’s search for history for his country and his continent comes from the belief that you can never rest on your laurels: “I always say to myself, ‘Everything you achieve now is in history. Some (people) don’t even “They’ll remember it. So just keep working hard and making sure you create more history.”

It’s a work ethic that stems from his roots as a child: “I always remember where I come from,” Omanyala added. “I come from a very difficult situation and a very humble background.”

He began his athletic career in 2016 and, after serving a 14-month suspension for doping in 2017, made his Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020 in 2021. However, the Kenyan could not make it past the semi-final round. Three years later, with more experience, the African record and international victories at his side, Omanyala is a more mature competitor.

And an athlete comfortable with the greatness he has set out to pursue.

“Every day is a learning process, so if you don’t learn, then it’s a problem,” he said. “I have realized that (as I have) achieved so much in life, (you can) get all the fame, all the money… but all these things are just vanity. What’s more, the most important thing in life are the relationships you build and the people around you.

All these other things are just, you know, vanity; There is nothing to worry about material things. Yes, it is a beautiful realization.”