Michael Oyier: Kenyan women thirst for Mukhisa Kituyi’s son while speaking at journalists’ tribute

  • Sitati Kituyi wowed mourners with her enthusiastic tribute to her aunt Dinah’s husband, Michael Oyier.
  • During the journalist’s memorial mass at All Saints Cathedral, Sitati, son of politician Mukhisa Kituyi, assured the Oyier family that they will remain together.
  • Sitati’s appearance caught the attention of women, who took to social media to appreciate him for his strong genes.

Former politician Mukhisa Kituyi’s son, Sitati Kituyi, has left Kenyans in awe with his heartthrob looks.

Sitati Kituyi, son of politician Mukhisa Kituyi, is a web developer.
Sitati Kituyi praised her uncle, Michael Oyier, as a great man. Photos: Azimio TV, Sitati Kituyi.
Source: UGC

Who is Mukhisa Kituyi’s son?

Sitati, the younger brother of the late Ivar Makari Kituyi, is a software developer and entrepreneur.

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The rich boy attended Michael Oyier’s requiem mass at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi on May 2, where he praised him as a loving and great uncle.

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Sitati, nephew of Oyier’s wife Dinah, shared a glowing tribute, but what caught Kenyans’ attention was his appearance.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in creating this program, raising funds, and all the hard work that goes into organizing an event like this. To the Oyiers, we stand with you and share our pain and inner bonds. Our families do not stop here, and we are with you, and Aunt Dinah, your family is with you in this difficult time and forever,” he said.

Unruly Kenyan women thirst for Mukhisa Kituyi’s son

“Ni mali safi,” said one.

Sitati was branded the king of the bearded and, commenting on his facial hair, a lady said:

“It’s the beard for me! Well kept.”

“He’s handsome. Ako na mtu? Asking for a friend.”

“It’s so cute,” another commented.

Another was amazed by Sitati’s look and said:

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“Mbegu safi.”

“Kumbe Luhyas huwa wa handsome hivi?” another marveled at Sitati’s appearance.

Here is the video:

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How many children did Michael Oyier have?

The late journalist was married with eight children: Betty Kimosh, Mercy Nambo, Lena Nasimiyu, Lyn Aduma, Abigail Auma Oyier, Israel Kisaingu, Israelle Mutinfa and Davis Odero Oyier.

One of Oyier’s daughters, Abigael, moved mourners with her moving tribute. The young woman remembered how her father took her to meetings and errands.

She said at first she didn’t understand what impact it would have on her, that she wouldn’t be where she was in his absence.

“Like a father would, he yelled at me and spanked me, but it was all out of love. Being here in front of his cold body brings nothing but pain, but you can’t escape reality. I saw the pain, the struggle and the stress. through dad’s eyes. I wish I could do something, but I put my trust in God, it was me and him against the world,” Abigael shared.

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Who is Michael Oyier’s wife?

Oyier’s widow, Dinah Kituyi, moved mourners during her late husband’s requiem mass, where she remembered their life together.

Dinah’s strength amused netizens as she paid tribute to the late journalist who stole her heart with his actions.

She revealed that Oyier proposed to her over the phone and she chastised him for not being romantic.

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