Fox Reporter Corrects Trump To His Face Over Evidence-Free ‘Biden Trial’ Claim

A local political reporter in Milwaukee, the site of this summer’s Republican National Committee, questioned Donald Trump over his “Biden trial” talk after the former president pushed the false claim in an interview Wednesday.

Fox6′s Jason Calvi — who spoke with Trump during his stop in Waukesha, Wisconsin — noted that the former president is in court for the hush money trial “pretty much every day” while on the topic of potential 2024 running mates.

“So wouldn’t it make sense to have that person out there right now for you?” Calvi asked.

“Well, I’m in a fake trial and I’m in a trial that’s Democrat. You know, you take a look at where did it come from? It came from Biden. It’s a Biden trial,” said Trump, who has repeatedly used the falseclaim to refer to the trial.

“I don’t think there’s evidence of that, that he was involved with this,” Calvi replied.

The former president’s “Biden trial” claim doesn’t stack up to the timeline of the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation, which began in 2018 at a time when Biden wasn’t running for president, Politifact noted.

Trump, in response, claimed that there is “evidence” and suggested Calvi “just take a look.”

“I mean, who’s heading up the trial? Take a look at the person who’s heading it up. There’s a lot of evidence,” claimed the former president, without evidence.

He continued, “There’s also common sense involved. There’s a lot of evidence. And it’s disgraceful. Never happened in the history of our country before, what they’re doing. So, I call it the Biden trial. And it’s a fake deal and the voters get it and that’s why I’m up for so much.”

“And the jury will have their say, and you’ll have your say in court, as well,” Calvi responded.