Landmark Beach refunds customers after demolition

Landmark Resort Beach management says it has initiated the refund process for customers affected by the recent demolition of portions of its properties by the Federal Government.

According to a statement posted on your X account on Friday by Landmark Africa, the parent company of Landmark Resort Beach, refunds are facilitated through the Landmark Citizen app.

While acknowledging the patience of its customers, management warned that the completion of the refund process may be delayed due to the large number of requests.

“Dear Landmark Citizens, we would like to assure everyone that we have started issuing refunds to those who requested a refund of their money on the Landmark Citizen app.

“Please be patient with us, due to the volume of requests, this process will take some time. Please be assured that all refund requests will be processed,” the statement reads.

A part of Landmark Beach on Victoria Island, Lagos, was demolished on Monday to make way for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway.

The Minister of Public Works, David Umahi, defended the demolition, claiming that the Landmark center encroached on the Federal Government’s right of way.

In the process, the Breeze Beach Club, Mami Chula and other beach businesses were also demolished.

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