Heritage Golf Academy shines in Botswana

Heritage School Golf Academy impressed at the Delta Junior Golf Championships in Botswana, claiming 11 medals in the two-day event last weekend.

Held on April 27-28 in Gaborone, the Delta Junior Golf Championships served as a qualifier for the Ireland Junior World Golf tournament.

April was an eventful month for Heritage School Academy who successfully hosted the Junior Golf Challenge at Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club.

In the Heritage Junior Golf Challenge, which included golfers from South Africa, the academy won 15 trophies and 7 medals in a display of hard work, determination and passion.

“Heritage School Golf Academy is delighted to announce its exceptional performance at the Delta Championship in Gaborone, Botswana, held on 27-28 April 2024. Our team traveled to Botswana on 25 April to qualify for the Ireland Junior World Golf . “We are proud to report that our students exceeded expectations and took home an impressive 11 trophies!” the school took to social media to celebrate the latest achievement.

Delta Junior Golf Championship Recognitions

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7 year old girls: 1st place – Myla Razunguzwa

7-year-olds: the most promising player – Rafael Razunguzwa

3rd place – Munesuishe Pangeti

Girls 11 years old: 2nd place – Ruvarashe Pangeti

Children 12 years old: 1st place – Mukudzeishe Sekeso

13 year old girls: 1st place – Kiana Mbanda

2nd place – Rudo Pangeti

Boys 15 years old: 1st place – Adam Gozho

2nd place – Elasto Musakanda

16 year old girls: promising players – Tatenda Manyanga

18 year old boys: 1st place – Darrel Mateko (Captain)

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