Queuing Greggs customer cannot believe his eyes at man in shop’s actions

A Greggs customer says he cannot believe something that took place right in front of him during a routine trip to Greggs, the high street staple, ever-popular for its inexpensive and quick food options such as the classic sausage roll and steak bake.

The story unfolded when he queued to buy one of their cheese and onion bakes for £1.85. As he was waiting for her turn, a man’s actions in the queue left him stunned. Another man who had been browsing the sandwich section, suddenly cut ahead and, while the genuine customer wasn’t overly concerned initially, he soon realized something was amiss, reports Birmingham Live.

He said: “A man weaved through the line in front of me, heading to the sandwich section, and I thought nothing of this at first. There were more than half a dozen people in the queue and the line was going down quickly. However , my attention was drawn to the man when a woman behind me said: ‘Do you want to put that back?’ The man had apparently shoved a handful of sandwiches into the kangaroo pocket of his blue hoody and he’d been bravely challenged by a customer.

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“The man paid the customer little heed and casually walked out of the shop with the items seemingly bulging out of his hoodie. Hard-working staff members inside the store said that shoplifting regularly happens, particularly at peak times. ‘It happens all the time when it’s busy, we can’t do anything about it,’ said one of the workers.”

The customer added: “While not a major crime in the grand scheme of things, he was vexing to witness the audacity of the thief who entered the shop, selected sandwiches to his liking, and simply left while others were waiting their turn and paying honestly for their products. The fact that the staff felt helpless against such actions is equally disheartening, implying the perpetrator will likely face no consequences. Although the store likely had CCTV, and the high street too, it’s no secret that police resources are stretched these days. .This case of shop-lifting illustrates the sad reality facing high streets today.”

Greggs was asked to provide a statement.