Four artists from Türkiye participate in the 60th Venice Biennale – Announcements

Four artists from Türkiye participate in the 60th Venice Biennale

The 60th Venice Biennale, Foreigners everywhereCurated by Adriano Pedrosa, it presents a notable repertoire of works by 331 artists and groups, added to 87 national participations, which can be seen between April 20 and November 24, 2024.

Emphasizing the plurality and fluidity of people by employing central themes such as diaspora and cultural coexistence, while associating outsiders, queers and indigenous people, the exhibition distributed by the Giardini and the Arsenale highlights the artistic production that spans more than a century imbued with “multiple crises.” ”that still continue to develop today.

In this context, two fundamental works titled Topak ev (1973) and Exile is hard work (1977-2024) by the self-taught artist Nil Yalter, who moved to France in 1965 and is considered one of the pioneers of feminism and video art, are placed emblematic at the same entrance to the Giardini’s main pavilion. Both works, supported by SAHA in their production for the biennial, respectively address stereotypical gender roles and portray the experiences of the migrant and the exile. Praised for the exceptional merit and lasting impact of her work, Yalter received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement from the Venice Biennale, along with Brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino, who received her awards during the opening ceremony on April 20. .

Participating for the first time in the Venice Biennale, Güneş Terkol created two new works titled a song for the world (2024) with the support of SAHA and in collaboration with women and immigrant groups based in Venice that involved a process of storytelling and collective production workshops. Terkol’s textile works, which he brought to the Arsenale space with a performance on April 17, employ stitching or drawings directly on fabric to create characters that exist in an ambiguous state, whose voices are amplified to encourage viewers to listen to the stories. counted.

Acclaimed for her engaging and unreserved work for more than 40 years, which has long examined the complexities of migration and globalization, artist Gülsün Karamustafa represents the Türkiye Pavilion, where SAHA is one of the venue’s 21 permanent patrons. Against the historic backdrop of Arsenal’s Sale d’Armi, Karamustafa’s new facility Sanctified and broken: a state of the world (2024), conceived for the Türkiye Pavilion with the support of SAHA together with its eponymous publication, comprises an interconnection of sculptural works made from found materials, locally produced Murano glass pieces, and a video collage that invites viewers to reflect about the current state of the world and our tumultuous realities that threaten us all.

Another project supported by SAHA this year in Venice involved the Luxembourg Pavilion, which aims to challenge the long-held notion of individual artistic authorship by presenting a collection of works where artists renounce ego in favor of a deep exploration of collective creativity. through sound. Commissioned by the pavilion under the curatorship of Joel Valabrega, the collective project titled A comprehensive dialogue law featured an artist from Türkiye, performance artist Selin Davasse, who reuses literary and performative techniques. As part of the project in the Arsenale pavilion, where the performances will be superimposed on each other, Davasse presented a work titled biting (2024) during the opening week of the biennial, embodying various female beasts with different syntactic, vocal and gestural characteristics.

Since 2011, SAHA has been designing grant programs aimed at international non-profit art institutions, such as museums, biennials and art institutes, etc., which can apply to SAHA for the funding of exhibitions and projects by artists and curators from Turkey.

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