Old Mutual Investment Group celebrates excellent sales performance

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Old Mutual Investment Group, one of Africa’s leading investment managers, celebrated the exceptional achievements of its sales agents at the prestigious Agency Awards 2023 and Incentive Launch 2024 held at the Africana Hotel, it said on May 2.

The event, aptly named “Agency Awards 2023 and Incentive Launch 2024,” showcased the hard work of Old Mutual Investment Group sales agents in driving impressive sales performance over the past year and laid the foundation for continued success. in the current year.

Daniel Opiyo, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Old Mutual Investment Group, highlighted the company’s strategic plan and emphasized the critical role of sales agents in achieving organizational objectives.

He said: “You are the backbone of our success. “Their unwavering commitment has propelled us towards our strategic objectives and we are immensely proud of their achievements in 2023 and look forward to even greater progress this year.”

Zac Kisesi, head of alternative channels, in his presentation provided information on sales metrics, including inflows, outflows and net outflows, underscoring the company’s strong performance in navigating dynamic market conditions. He also had the honor of naming the winners in several categories, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the company’s success.

The event had several categories to honor the best performing agents:
Agents with the most clients per month in 2023 included; January – Geofrey Katamba – 20 new clients; February – Isaac Kiddu – 25 new clients; March – Geofrey Katamba – 32 new clients; April – Edgar Katsigwa – 21 new clients; May – Isaac Kiddu – 27 new clients; June – Isaac Kiddu – 25 new clients; July – Edgar Katsigwa – 36 new clients; August – Susan Sarah Acan – 43 new clients; September – Susan Sarah Acan – 32 new clients; October – Geofrey Katamba – 34 new clients; November – Geofrey Katamba – 41 new clients; December – Susan Sarah Acan – 29 new clients
Old Mutual Investment Group CEO Simon Mwebaze expressed his sincere gratitude for the efforts of the sales agents and acknowledged their profound impact on the lives of individuals and families.
He said: “Beyond driving sales, you agents act as trusted advisors and guide families toward financial security and prosperity. Their role goes far beyond numbers; “It’s about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

Old Mutual Investment Group remains committed to empowering its sales agents and clients alike, providing unparalleled financial solutions and long-term prosperity for all stakeholders, it said.