New Council Aims to Elevate Zim Fashion

The Hunhu Fashion Council, an organization dedicated to promoting cultural heritage and unity through fashion, recently issued a statement announcing its formation and subsequent entry into the Zimbabwe fashion scene.

The statement, released on Tuesday, officially introduced the new board of directors composed of president Priscilla Chigariro, an award-winning entrepreneur and fashion industry visionary.

His deputy is Marshall Mutsamwira, an experienced and multifaceted professional whose practice spans a variety of professions, including fashion, financial services, telecommunications and hospitality.

Board members are social change agent and business lawyer Chenesai Mukora-Mangoma, visual creative and designer Jana Mhlaba, business developer and creative entrepreneur Rumbidzai Chirumbwana, designers Danayi Madondo and Paidemoyo Chideya, as well as Walter Chipambwa, professor of the department of Clothing and Textile Technology, School of Art and Design, Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT).

In an interview with IndependentXtra, Chipambwa highlighted some of the biggest challenges facing Zimbabwe’s fashion industry, such as the influx of cheap and second-hand clothing into the market, as well as low factory capacity utilization and closures. from companies that used to supply 100%. cotton fabric.

“Let’s start with our local cotton farming industry, it needs to be renewed for the gins to start working, which will also result in locally produced fabrics. Locally produced products promote a sense of belonging and this can also promote unique designs that really speak to the history of Zimbabwe,” he said, adding that collaborative projects promote togetherness, which can be a “springboard for the nation to become in the best cotton.” producing country with a vibrant textile and clothing sector.’

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Each board member is committed to supporting the growth and development of Zimbabwe’s fashion industry and their diverse backgrounds will contribute to the council’s mission of fostering a thriving fashion ecosystem in Zimbabwe.

“We are delighted to announce the formation of the Hunhu Fashion Council and introduce our esteemed board members,” said Chigariro.

“Together, we are committed to driving positive change in Zimbabwe’s fashion industry and creating opportunities for local designers to shine on the world stage.”

The council is dedicated to promoting Zimbabwe’s fashion industry through collaboration, education and innovation. It aims to promote sustainable practices, encourage creativity and provide a platform for Zimbabwean fashion designers to showcase their talent on a global stage.

It will serve as a platform for designers, artisans and enthusiasts to collaborate, showcase and celebrate various cultural influences in the fashion industry.

It also aims to collaborate with international councils and fashion weeks to access new markets and opportunities.

In addition to organizing and supporting events, runway shows and fashion weeks to showcase designers and trends, the Hunhu Fashion Council will also be involved in recognizing and celebrating outstanding contributions to the fashion industry through awards and honors.

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